Our Awesome Services

Our goal is to provide services that support your business goals.

Vendor Management

Vendor Managment is a critical aspect of running a lean mean machine. This essentially simplify the whole problem-resolution process, reduce costs and improve service levels. We help you Create vendor evaluation criteria, Mitigate associated risks, Align IT outsourcing vendors with the organizations goals and cutting costs through renegotiation of existing vendors. This is done by IT service provider consolidation, Watching critical aspects during negotiations.

Asset Management Consultancy

If Decentralized inventory, Inaccurate forecasts, Lack Of Automation, Forcing the budgets, Inefficient Warehouse Systems and High unutilized Inventory are the problems you face daily for your IT assets, then we can help you plan your resources and process efficiently.

Helpdesk Management

If having dedicated inhouse IT support helpdesk is not a viable or you have no internal IT department, our team can support you for

  • Technical Support
  • Internet Connectivity Support
  • Installation, Setup and Repair
  • Training for Software, Hardware and Network
  • Troubleshooting / Diagnostics
  • Maintenance
  • Crisis Resolution

Domain Controller Support

If your DC maintainance only includes checking updates, and Event logs or you wish to setup the New Domain controler but lack the internal skills, We can help you in Setup, Maintain, Backup, Debug and Fix.

Webserver Support

Web servers empowers your web presence and thus be maintained to the highest atainable uptime. This can be acheived with our team of experts. Our capability to manage different web server platforms like Apache, Windows based Apache, IIS, ISAP, CGI or any other web server will help you fine tune your web platform for the best performance.

File Server Support

Whether the purpose of FIles servers in your organization is creating Work Folders, control corporate data or deploy high availability storage you can Bank on us. Our expert Administrators can centrally manage multiple file servers ad help you in Data Deduplication on you storage area networks (SANs) or automate the management of administration tasks.

Network and Firewall Administration

Maintaining a firewall is not an easy task. Its resource-intensive and requires a high level of expertise. Updating policies and configurations, Backup and restoration of appliances, deployment of new devices and Upgrade device configurations are the integral part of Firewall Management.

Security Support

Our proactive support team can work closely with your IT department to configure security solutions for you. We have vast experience in deploying multiple security solutions. Network traffic and log monitoring and responding in the event of any threat isthe key to our recognition.